Environmental Policy

Parker Communications environmental policy is detailed below:

We are committed to modifying business practices to contribute to securing the future wellbeing of our planet.

Wherever possible we will resource from recognised “green” sources.

We will always endeavour to lighten our transportation load through the use of lighter flight cases and other equipment, thus reducing vehicle pollution.

We will always use LED or low power lighting equipment wherever possible.

We do not print any unnecessary documentation and file digitally at every opportunity.

Documents generated by us are sent via e-mail and not post wherever possible.

Travel is being reduced by utilising e-meeting and conference telephone calls.

Parker Communications and it’s business partners are creatively addressing our market with special promotions that encourage customers to re-use our services once in place.

The “conference share” promotion enables multiple customers to make use of a one off set up and installation in one venue. Avoiding multiple “set-ups”, duplication of work and repeated transport.

The disposal of stock is managed with the environment in mind. Many items of equipment are being passed on to charity and educational situations where they have continued use and are of benefit to others.

Batteries are only used once on our events, but still have “life” afterwards, these items are gathered up and distributed amongst staff for further domestic use.

Special fabrics used for “venue dressing”, once past their “best”, are used for lining flight cases and soft padding to allow continued use beyond their “professional” life.

Cardboard boxes from the delivery of new equipment are used briefly before the items are flight cased. This reduces the need for “new” flight cases and makes best use of packaging materials supplied.